Saturday, January 2, 2010

Haiku Knits- Seaweed

This was a question regarding the 'upper right front' of the Seaweed top from Haiku Knits.

"Hello Tanya,

I received the book early December and it's one of my favorites as it has many beautiful patterns!

I am knitting Seaweed at the moment and am busy with the 'upper right front' but the shape doesn't seem to match what it should be, please see attached photo. In my opinion I did follow the instructions..."

Here is the answer:
"The shape should look like this at first, and then, you'll be increasing more on the neck side, and then decreasing there for V-neck. My schematic might not be 100% exact at that narrow spot (it's partially under the arm), but not to worry, you are creating a curve there (it should have been more of a curve instead of the straight line..., sorry...the technical editor...made me simplify it), so keep increasing (following the pattern), you'll see, it'll be fine, especially after you sew it in place. See a better schematic attached above"

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