Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Haiku Knits - Snowflake

Here is a question on yarn quantities for the Snowflake wrap in Haiku Knits:

"...Thanks for setting up the blog for this book! I'm really enjoying the book, but do have a question about one of the patterns. In the "Snowflake" pattern, it says that the pattern comes in only one size, but there are yarn quantities listed as if there were three sizes, e.g.:"5 (5, 6) skeins of Cascade #8505" or "5 (5,6) balls of Graphite #570". I also work in an LYS where I expect there to be heavy interest in the book during one of our classes tomorrow, so I would love to know which is the correct quantity of these yarns to give our students accurate advice!..."

Thank you so much for catching this. It should have been clarified, and changed to: "5 balls of Cascade and 5 balls of Graphite..." with the note that "...if you would like to make the fronts longer, you might need an extra ball of each yarn..."
Here is the explanation:

Since this piece is just a long rectangle with sleeves, you can easily adjust or add to the length of the fronts and/or back, so if someone wants to make an adjustment, they might require an extra ball of each yarn.

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  1. Dear Tanya,
    I am Julia from Russia. Could you kindly explain, what does the phrase "Block lightly, folding under 2 sts of 5-st Stockinette border" in Snowflake work description mean? I would be extremely grateful if you explained it in Russian.
    Great thanks in advance.