Monday, January 11, 2010

Haiku Knits - Half Moon Rising two-color vest

This clarification especially important for those who will knit the vest in a Small size.
When you are ready to work on the Right Front (made with Kochoran Yarn), your first row should be the WS row of the pattern, other words, the pattern should read:

"With Yarn B and larger needles, CO 48 (50, 55) sts. Work in 2 x 3 rib starting with WS row for 1"..." (i.e. *K3, p2*). End with WS row.
Next Row (RS): Work 48 (50, 55) sts, cast on an additional 32 (35, 35) sts at the end of this (RS) row, 80 (85, 90) sts."

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