Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cocoon sweater

Let's talk about a couple of projects from the book.
Cocoon Sweater.
One of the knitters was afraid of cables, but she loved the look of my Cocoon sweater. I assured her that cables are nothing to fear. My Cocoon sweater became her very first cable sweater.

Cables are easy. It's just changing the order you knit your stitches. For example: instead of knitting stitch #1, #2, #3 and #4 in exact order, you place stitches #1 and #2 on the cable needle, and first knit stitches #3 and #4 (while the other two are waiting for their turn in front or back of your work depending on your pattern), and then you knit #1 and #2 from that cable needle. (Note: when working with bulky yarns you can use double pointed needle instead of your cable holder.) Voila!
The Cocoon sweater has the twisted cable, which requires one more step in making the cable, but a very doable step. You are just turning your cable needle (with those stitches that are waiting for their turn) 180 degrees before you knit them.

And that is it!

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